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2019.06.12: spotlight

diffused through glass panes
sunlight comes to one alcove
the rest remains dark

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2019.06.06: prelude

slow gentle tapping
exaggerated plopping
raindrops on skylight

rat-at-tat rat-a-tat-tat
promise of something looming

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2019.06.05: liminal flow

every so often, a day like today happens. the timing of the stop lights. the steady flow of traffic. no one is cut off. no one has to wait too long. everyone moves in their own turn. even at the junctions. where jostling is a constant. everyone finds their lane. and separate each their ways. a sudden surge of gratitude. a feeling of joyful knowing. a certitude of a primal truth. this is how it should be. a divine sense of being. a oneness with all.

rain falls upon me
yet eyes need to be shielded
brightness of the sun