2020.10.18: the Lord’s Commandments

Caution: Today’s post is political and religious.

More than the pandemic this year, my stomach sours with the bitter and acrid bickering of political polemics that has inflamed our beloved country. I understand that the dualistic nature of our political system lends itself to polarization, but the extreme extent that both sides have gone to demonize the other side is preposterous. Worse than that, I’m disappointed that my fellow Christians are embroiled in the middle of this diabolical sundering of “one nations under God”. This question is aimed at my fellow Christians who profess to follow Jesus, the Christ. Keep in mind that Jesus eschewed the high places of honor and sought the company of sinners. For the sake of the soul of our nation, for the next few weeks shut off the Noise. We’ve seen and heard enough. Take this question to prayer and ask God for guidance. Which candidates most resemble the Christ that we strive to follow? Then go out and vote. And, regardless of who wins, continue to practice the commandments Jesus gave his followers: love God; love neighbors as yourself.

one can not praise God
then turn and curse one’s neighbors
love God AND neighbors

loving God with all one’s heart
means including all neighbors