2015.06.24: gratitude

I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made;
wonderful are your works!
My very self you know. – Ps 139:14

when i stop to realize
the creator of the universe
and all things seen and unseen
stars and nebulae
atoms and quarks
also created me
how can i be any less glorious

when i stop to recognize
the artist who painted
the glowing sunsets and rosy cheeks
the colorful flowers of the fields
and fashioned the feathers and wings
of the peregrine falcon
and the sinew and muscle
of the galloping cheetahs
also molded me
how can i be any less beautiful

when i stop to notice
the companion
who was present in the beginning
is present now to me
in this moment
how can i be any less loved

when i consider all things
how then can i respond
to one who is most generous
the only response that is
genuine and authentic
and only i can give
my gratitude