2015.09.11: freeing the inner blindness

“Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own?” – Lk 6:41

the object of my blindness
was my sinfulness after all.
though it wasn’t a punishment
meted out by a tyrant God
but the result of my own
choices. it was the wooden
beam that prevented me
from seeing anything but
my brother’s splinter. thank
you, Lord for forgiving my
sins. it was your love that
has cured my blindness.

my God, my God what have
i done! it should be me upon
that cross – not you. can’t
you see, that’s my wooden beam
and my brother’s splinter and
his brother’s, and the whole

He died so that we can see.
He died so that we can be
free. we are free to choose
to go back to our lives and
remember this moment only as
an interesting marker in our
history where the keeping of
time changed or we can choose
to follow the Teacher and cure
the blind, feed the hungry,
forgive the sinners, and unchain
the unloved.