2020.10.26: breakaway

This past weekend we had the opportunity to drive five hours by car to see our youngest child. The last time we went was in January, but it seems like ages ago before the pandemic hit. There was a certain joy in the freedom of the open road and miles and miles of pavement ahead. At least we were not stuck in quarantine.

taking turn leading
leapfrogging one another
sustaining the pace

2020.10.16: ineffable

There’s not too much good news these days, but yesterday I received some great news. A dear friend and sister to my heart found out that “there’s no evidence of disease” in her body. This is obviously the answer to to our prayers and the fulfillment of our hopes. Who can say why some prayers are answered and others are not? Or, why some hopes are fulfilled while others are dashed? It is as they say – a mystery. What is not a mystery but not that widely understood is that: life is precious. Each day is a gift to be treasured and celebrated. Be happy and live well, my friends.

the Cause of our joy
while can’t be seen by others
manifests in us

2020.08.24: community

The pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, especially for those of us who find community in their churches. Living with comorbidity, my wife and I chose to stay away from our church even when services resumed. The only times we have returned were for funerals.

Once it was a funeral for a relative in the church in which my wife and I were married. It was a surreal experience to listen to a foreign priest in the church that I had served many times in my younger days. My glasses fogging up due to an ill fitting mask didn’t lessen the illusion. The second funeral was at our church for the son of a friend of my wife. The music was welcoming, the homily was uplifting, but the dead man was completely unfamiliar. Again it was surreal.

The following day we went to a park with a walking trail through the native habitat. This is our treat to ourselves as we normally only have time to walk the streets of our neighborhood during the week for exercise. There’s something breathtaking when a breeze tiptoes across the native grasses and the lungs just fill up among the trees. Everyone we came across were respectful and friendly. There were glimmers of acknowledgements as we recognized ourselves as kindred spirits. We had all found refuge in a cathedral beneath the canopies. We were no longer strangers in a strange land.

communal spirit
walking unmasked in the park
naked in Eden

2020.08.18: touchstone

Have you ever read something that triggered an innate knowing that you didn’t know you had? Every fiber of your being is aware of this knowledge except the neurons in your brain. Is it possible for the neurons in your brain to process messages that they don’t understand? Is it possible for the other cells in your body to sense something but the higher functioning part of the brain, the so called mind, doesn’t recognize the pattern or understand its significance? Of course it is because our bodies know they’re sick but our minds don’t always know until the symptoms are so severe that our minds are forced to admit that something’s wrong. So it is great joy when we discover something mundane that we already knew. It’s like coming home to ourselves.

without cicadas
how will one know of summer
and when school begins

2020.08.02: guiding light

I had a wonderful childhood. We lived in a sprawling city that was always bustling with sights and sounds and smells even into the night. When school was out though I spent the summer living in the village where my parents grew up. Everyone knew everyone there, and a child could walk safely from one end of the village to the end and be watched by relatives or friends the entire way. So it was like a rite of passage when I was allowed to walk home by myself after staying for supper at an auntie’s house. Even if it was less than a hundred meters, I still remember the full moon lighting my way and the pride in my chest. A magical memory…

full moon in August
but i can no longer walk –
to Grandfather’s house