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2020.08.02: guiding light

I had a wonderful childhood. We lived in a sprawling city that was always bustling with sights and sounds and smells even into the night. When school was out though I spent the summer living in the village where my parents grew up. Everyone knew everyone there, and a child could walk safely from one end of the village to the end and be watched by relatives or friends the entire way. So it was like a rite of passage when I was allowed to walk home by myself after staying for supper at an auntie’s house. Even if it was less than a hundred meters, I still remember the full moon lighting my way and the pride in my chest. A magical memory…

full moon in August
but i can no longer walk –
to Grandfather’s house

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2020.06.19: full circle

I’m feeling a little melancholic this morning. Today will be the last time I will work from home as my workplace is transitioning everyone back into the building. I’m grateful for being able to stay working the entire time when many did not. I’m also joyful for this glimpse of something different, sometimes better sometimes not. Life goes on.

oatmeal and sliced fruit
a breeze slipping through the porch
a taste of fullness

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2020.05.25: remember & honor

Just want to take a moment to remember all the women and men who laid down their lives to protect their friends and so that future generations can have the freedom to choose to live as they see fit as long as they don’t infringe on another’s liberty. Let’s honor their sacrifices by choosing to speak out against oppression and oppose tyranny in all of its forms, especially when it comes from us or our side. Let’s always choose justice with mercy and truth with love. Happy Memorial Day.

outing in the rain
a joy unexplainable –
the freedom to choose 

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2020.05.20: odd duck

We observed something strange when we were out walking last week. A mallard duck did a fly by behind us, wheeled around a tree, and landed on the front yard of a house in front of us.


He calmly watched us walked past him then nonchalantly proceeded to cross on foot across the street behind us.


Can any animal behaviorist please explain?

“always curious
why my cousin the chicken
wants to cross the road”

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2020.04.27: safe passage

Here it is Monday again and yet I’m not driving to work. Instead I’m looking out across the backside of my property through a neighbor’s garden onto a greenbelt of trees that is vibrantly alive with the colors of spring. Having worked at the same place for 12 years I’ve found all the different ways to go to work when the highways come to a standstill. I’ve taken country roads through scenic farm lands and desolate streets through inner city neighborhoods and everything in between. Yet my favorite commute is the one I’ve been using since the Shelter-in-place order was issued. There are good things that has come from this dreadful virus. Stay safe and have a good week wherever you’re staying or going.

crossing back and forth
squirrels avoid open field
highways in the trees