2022.08.30: reprieve

conglomerate, Aug ‘22

We often pass this corner on our morning walks. This was an interesting garden arrangement in its prime. One can still make out the juniper, the box wood, and the ground cover plant which has taken over. What is hard to see is the forsythia in between which turns bright yellow in early spring. The original owner must have moved away and the new owners or tenant doesn’t have the time or interest to care for the plot. It’s sad to think that was us in our younger days trying to raise two children, climb the corporate ladder, and live the American dream. It’s even sadder to think that this pitiable corner paints an apt metaphor for our beloved country. Where is law and order? Where is the middle class? Why are some allowed to die and other climb rampant over everything else? Where’s the Gardener?

late summer rainstorm  
bringing blooms of gratitude
precious is all life