7 thoughts on “2019.01.29: idiot light”

  1. Love the title. 🙂 This one got a recognition laugh! It’s true – every mile stretches out when the car threatens to run out of gas. I KNOW it has 40 miles left when the light comes on, but that doesn’t stop the anxious knot in my stomach.


  2. This one makes my stomach vaguely rumble. You know the feeling…
    Years ago I was in an elevator that had a sign next to the emergency light:

    When flashing help is on the way.

    I converted it to:

    When flashing
    Help is on the way
    O frabjous day

    But I just thought of another one:

    When the flashing
    Help is on the way
    Cover your eyes

    Thanks for following my blog.


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    1. It’s funny what we humans find in common with one another. Thanks for the like and comment.

      Spent a summer exploring the sights of the Bay area. Looking forward to your photos and words.


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