2015.09.24: Temples

Now thus says the LORD of hosts:
Reflect on your experience!
You have sown much, but have brought in little;
you have eaten, but have not been satisfied;
You have drunk, but have not been exhilarated;
have clothed yourselves, but not been warmed;
And the hired worker labors for a bag full of holes. – 1 Hg 1:6

then we build temples
and we perform rituals
and we praise with our lips
and we worship with our minds
but our hearts remain in the world
troubled and perplexed
we peruse the Word of God
we argue the meanings
as if the Word is a collection of words
or a piece of art to be critiqued
and we fight with each other
over the way we perform the rituals
over the way we sing the songs
and we eat the Body
and we drink the Blood
yet we refuse to be transformed
and we feel more empty
than Adam in the Garden

but we don’t have to wait long
for the ways of the world
to reduce us to tears
to bring us to our knees
then and only then
in the depths of despair
in the grips of powerlessness
do we lift our gaze to heaven
and open our hearts to He
who has never left us
since the moment of creation

our God is with us
He is always with us
if only we stop
to sense His presence
and embrace His love
He’s not in the food
He’s not in the drink
He’s not in our pretenses
He’s not in the work
He’s in the Temples He created
waiting for us to be with Him


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