2015.09.03: fishermen

Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid;
from now on you will be catching men.” – Lk 5:10

i fish the sea
that’s all i know
i know these currents
i know the ebbs and tides
i know the habits of the fish
i know their rhythms and cycles
i know when to cast and when to not
yet you tell us to cast where we have failed
i hope you didn’t see my doubts
even when i said i would do as you ask
yet we hauled in more than we’ve ever caught
and the nets held and didn’t break
how could this be
surely you are the Messiah of John the Baptizer
He of whom my brother speaks

but woe on me if you are the Messiah
you would know what was in my heart
you would know the life i led
you would know the sinner that i really am
i am not worthy to be in your company
yet what i see in your eyes is
not condemnation but compassion
not judgment but acceptance
what i feel in my heart is not fear but joy
you are a better fisher of men than i of fish
yet you do not wish to ensnare and enslave
you caught me and set me free
my business is no longer of this world
i will risk everything for you
i will follow you from death into life


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