2015.08.21: the answer

“Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?” – Mt 22:36

the answer has always been
love – the verb
and not love – the noun

love is not a noun
an idea : ideal : concept
something to inscribe on a scroll
and hang on a wall
love is not a feeling or sentiment
to espouse in an essay
or glorify in a poem

love is an action verb
it has a subject and an object
it implies an action by the subject
and a reaction by the object
it implies a transformation
where the object becomes the subject
it implies transactions
it implies multiple transactions
it implies a relationship
between the subject and object

if the heart is hardened
if one does not love
it does not matter what the law is
or what the prophet proclaims
the mouth may speak the law
but the actions do not

the answer has always been
love – the action verb
hence the incarnation
the transfiguration
the crucifixion
the resurrection
these are all acts of love
not commandments chiseled
on stone tablets
to be lost to the ages

the answer is loving


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