2015.06.25: the play

Blessed are those who do what is right,
whose deeds are always just. – Ps 106:3

if each of our lives were a play
who is the protagonist
is it the type of character we always wanted to be
did we write the script
are we acting to someone else’s scripting
who is directing us behind the scenes to make sure we stay true to our script
who selected our supporting cast
who will make our costumes and do our makeup
who are the invisible hands that make sure the stage is well set and timely lit
will they make us better or worse
who is our audience
how will we define our success
is our success determined by how many people we drew
does it depend on how much we can charge for each ticket
who will judge our performance
will we read the reviews in the paper
will we reflect on our performances with someone we trust
will we be satisfied when the curtain draws close
will we count ourselves blessed

2015.06.24: gratitude

I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made;
wonderful are your works!
My very self you know. – Ps 139:14

when i stop to realize
the creator of the universe
and all things seen and unseen
stars and nebulae
atoms and quarks
also created me
how can i be any less glorious

when i stop to recognize
the artist who painted
the glowing sunsets and rosy cheeks
the colorful flowers of the fields
and fashioned the feathers and wings
of the peregrine falcon
and the sinew and muscle
of the galloping cheetahs
also molded me
how can i be any less beautiful

when i stop to notice
the companion
who was present in the beginning
is present now to me
in this moment
how can i be any less loved

when i consider all things
how then can i respond
to one who is most generous
the only response that is
genuine and authentic
and only i can give
my gratitude

2015.06.22: soul and spirit

Our soul waits for the LORD,
he is our help and shield. – Ps 33:20

my soul has been waiting
wandering and waiting
vacillating and listless
alive but lifeless
when all else fails
i retreat further inside
where you are waiting
my light and salvation
then you remind me
the spark of my spirit
ignited but forgotten
given for eternity
and rejoicing renews
when the reunion begins
heaven and earth
and soul and spirit