2015.05.31: don’t turn away

“And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” – Jn 28:20

i know you now
i know your name
time and time again
i turned to you: avoidance
when the task was too odious
when the road was too lonely
when the pain was too much
and thereby i missed it
the intimacy
the vulnerability
the opportunity
just to be present

that stops now
no longer will i turn away
let it never again be said
that i turned away
let it be remembered forever hence
that it was you who turned away
while my arms remained open
my eyes dried of tears
watching the back of you
walking away

i will call your name
i will remember you
i will regain always
in this moment

2015.05.30: feasting on wisdom

In the short time I paid heed,
I met with great instruction. – Sir 51:16

gathering the crop today
remember those whom yesterday
plowed the ground and planted the seeds
which yield today’s harvest
throw a great feast and rejoice
give thanks and praise to providence
then return to the task at hand
plowing fields and planting seeds