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2015.03.31: impending

Simon Peter said to him, “Master, where are you going?” Jesus answered [him], “Where I am going, you cannot -follow me now, though you will follow later.” – Jn 13:36

the hour draws near

heaven and earth stretches thin

narrow gate forming

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2015.03.30: the Servant of God

I formed you, and set you as a covenant for the people, a light for the nations – Is 42:1-6

The Evil-one’s plan has always been
the breaking of the Whole
the separation of the One
Light from Darkness
Now from Eternity
Truth from Love
Justice from Mercy
Life from Death
Creature from Creator
Human from Divine
many from One.

So it was,
to satisfy those
given to hardness of heart,
that the Second:
separated himself from the First
emptied himself of his divinity
and becoming only human
entered into darkness
without Light
without Truth
without Love
without Justice
without Mercy
and without Life.

Like a mariner upon a dark sea
using only the charts of stars
to navigate the waters
he used the scriptures
to find his way in darkness.
The words were but shadows
more like road signs than maps
but even in diminished form
what author wouldn’t
recognize his own work.
Then he discovered
the breath of the Spirit
the Origin of life
the Link connecting
the First with the Second
the Divine with the Human
the Will with the Way
the Beginning with the End.

But the Way will be hard
for the journey to Life
goes through Death.

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2015.03.28: leaving the mountain

here i sit with you, Lord
where emptiness once ruled
my heart is now filled
with peace, love, and joy
would that i could
stay in this moment
with you forever
yet time passes on
but the cross doesn’t
it awaits

so we must leave
this mountain behind
along with its stillness
and clarity of vision
we must enter the city
to meet the maelstrom
of noise and confusion

Abba, grant me
the courage
to remain with him
as he has been with me,
the fortitude
to abide in the suffering,
and the hope
to wait through darkness
into everlasting light.

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2015.03.26: singular

Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, before Abraham came to be, I AM.” – Jn 8:58

in him
the invisible became visible
the indescribable became knowable
the immortal became mortal

with him
God is man
justice is mercy
truth is love

through him
the impossible will be possible
the dead will be risen
“i am” will be “I AM”

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2015.03.25: fiat

“for nothing will be impossible for God.” – Lk 1:37

all the commandments on the tablets
all the laws of Moses written on scrolls
does not equal the Virgin’s yes

the impossible deeds of God
the passion of the Savior
does not happen without one’s yes

the journey requires many steps
each yes takes us one step closer
each step requires another yes

say it
do it
be it

let it be
let it be done